Tyler Luttman


A Century Change

May 22, 2014

PROMPT: Time Travel


For me if I could go anywhere in time I'd go to the future by about 100 years. Imagine a hundred years ago, barely had cars, planes, electricity, and the amount of knowledge as we do now. A hundred years from now, granted if we don't blow ourselves up, could be a wonderful place. Dangerous diseases in our time eradicated, technology beyond our imaginations, and cool new stuff to see out there. You can listen to the new age music, try new exotic future foods, visit futuristic crowning landmarks, and meet the people of tomorrow today. See the new entertainment things, true virtual reality games, laser set movies, interactive virtual movies, little iPad contact lens. See new transportation; flying cars, spacecraft, mars buggies! And for those who dare want to, go see those new futuristic weapons; laser rifles, mech suits, Terminators. Yes a hundred years from now sounds rly exciting and maybe interesting, imagine seeing a hundred years older you. Some wrinkly old person with those same determined eyes as your's, staring back at you wondering? Do I know yet? Have I seen it yet? All those questions left to answer yet here I am, a hundred years back. What does this mean, I may ask? But now a hundred years could bring pain, things we wish to not see, things only in nightmares possible in the future. But only time tells what can happen and what can change. If only for a day, I'd go to the future just to see, to see destiny take place.

Fallout, 2114, Future


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