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I've finished this prompt, and if any of you would like to try it before it's considered for the official prompt (if that happens), you can help get it up there on the prompt list! Thanks for reading and hope you like it!


March 27, 2017

Share at least one event from each year of your life up to and including this year!

Year 1: Birth. My cousin Rebekah came over almost every day to play with me. I also learned to "babble", or speak baby talk.
Year 2: My younger brother Liam was born, and I started to walk and become more efficient at speaking.
Year 3: My brother and I would run around the couch at our house in Springfield, Missouri, in our diapers every day for fun.
Year 4: We moved into my great-grandma's house to help take care of her.
Year 5: I started school. Me and all three of my siblings have been homeschooled, and Liam, who I'm a year and a half older than, started school a year earlier than he usually would, and neither of us took preschool, making us both currently in 8th grade.
Year 6: I had a mermaid themed birthday party at Splash Cove. I don't know if anyone else has a Splash Cove nearby, but it's fun. I also graduated to the "Prims" Wednesday night class at our church and my sister Joely, currently age 9, was born.
Year 7: My little brother Isaac, currently age 8, was born. I also met one of my three best friends, Kathryn, in the Sunday School class at church. She was 4 years old.
Year 8: The "Grandma Sleepovers" began. Me and my siblings did a once-a-month sleepover at our Grandma's house on a Friday. We would come at around 5:30 pm when she got off work, then stay until midafternoon the next day. We also moved into Kathryn's old house that they rented out to us.
Year 9: I met one of my other best friends, Christy, in Prims on Wednesday at church.
Year 10: I turned 10 (duh, I guess), and my family moved again, to another house of a person we knew. They had moved to a nursing home.
Year 11: This was one of my best years. We went on our first family vacation, I got my first pet, and I went to Lidia's Italian, which is like an ultra-fancy resturant where the waiters don't even talk, for my birthday.
Year 12: My mom decided I was old enough to volunteer in the nursery at our church, and I've done it ever since. I love little kids.
Year 13: 2016! This year was on my top 5 best years so far. For starters, we moved into the biggest house I've ever lived in, although to some of you it probably isn't very big. Me and Joely wrote letters to Christina Tosi, a pastry chef who lives in New York, and when she wrote back, she gave us both a FREE cookbook that would have cost $30, and a free tin of cookies that would have cost FIFTEEN dollars (there were two of both of these things, we didn't have to share, amazingly enough.) Awesome year!
Year 14: This year has yet to get going so far, and I haven't turned fourteen yet, but so far I've had...THE TIME OF MY LIFE!

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