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By: pencils.and.paper.roses

Share at least one event from each year of your life up to and including this year!

Year 1: Birth. My cousin Rebekah came over almost every day to play with me. I also learned to "babble", or speak baby talk.
Year 2: My younger brother Liam was born, and I started to walk and become more efficient at speaking.
Year 3: My brother and I would run around the couch at our house in Springfield, Missouri, in our diapers every day for fun.
Year 4: We moved into my great-grandma's house to help take care of her.
Year 5: I started school. Me and all three of my siblings have been homeschooled, and Liam, who I'm a year and a half older than, started school a year earlier than he usually would, making us both currently in 8th grade.
Year 6: I had a mermaid themed birthday party at Splash Cove. I don't know if anyone else has a Splash Cove nearby, but it's fun. I also graduated to the "Prims" Wednesday night class at our church and my sister Joely, currently age 9, was born.
Year 7: My little brother Isaac, currently age 8, was born. I also met one of my three best friends, Kathryn, in the Sunday School class at church. She was 4 years old.
Year 8: The "Grandma Sleepovers" began. Me and my siblings did a once-a-month sleepover at our Grandma's house on a Friday. We would come at around 5:30 pm when she got off work, then stay until midafternoon the next day. We also moved into Kathryn's old house that they rented out to us.
Year 9: I met one of my other best friends, Christy, in Prims on Wednesday at church.
Year 10: I turned 10 (duh, I guess), and my family moved again, to another house of a person we knew. They had moved to a nursing home.
Year 11: This was one of my best years. We went on our first family vacation, I got my first pet, and I went to Lidia's Italian, which is lie an ultra-fancy resturant where the waiters don't even talk, for my birthday.


Message to Readers

This is unfinished, I still haven't added the last two years of my life. But any feedback is welcome, and thanks for reading!

Peer Review

I really like the idea of writing about my life one step at a time. Once I wanted to start a diary, but I just never found the time. I guess this like a mini diary. :)


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This is a really cool prompt idea! :)