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July 14, 2015


                  My mom woke me up one morning for what I felt was the biggest day of my life. She made

me a healthy breakfast of eggs, sausage, and a variety of fruits along with a cup of orange juice. After

eating she sent me upstairs to get dressed and prepare myself for the day's events.  I had to audition to

get into what would be the school of my dreams.  For the first time I had to not only audition to get into

school but do my two biggest loves, singing and acting.  I never did any serious acting before only church

and school plays and as for my singing that was only done in the mirror at home.  I knew this opportunity

would take me in a whole different direction but I felt like taking a chance and seeing if I could get into

the school would be worthed. School of the Arts was going to be lifechanging for me and I could feel it

already. When we got into the car and  drove down to the audition site my stomach was felt like a

butterflies nest due to all my nerves .  My mom gave me her regular dosage of encouraging words and

prayed with me right before we went inside. We came 10 minutes early so I had enough time to practice

my lines and get into character. I was up first for the acting role.  I was given a poem to recite by

James Baldwin and a small dialogue part. I walked down the hall to see hundreds of kids like me who

were auditioning and  seemed pretty confident. I wondered if they were nervous to perform their talents

because everyone seemed so relaxed and comfortable in what they were about to do. They all had their

parents with them and waiting in line for their turn. When it finally came down to me  I walked into the

room with my palms sweating. Three judges sat in front of me with polite smiles and waited for me to

begin. At first I felt my heart might be beating through my shirt due to my anxiety and might run out of

the door from fear of doing so badly. Although, half way through the Baldwin poem and going into my

dialogue piece I got a rush of confidence and the nerves went away. Before I knew if the acting audition

was over and I left feeling relieved.  Next was my singing part where I performed the National Anthem.  I

remember feeling confident until finally walking into the room and realizing I was the center of attention

and the judges were sitting there and criticizing everything I did whether it was bad or good. However,

knowing this was my last part of the day made me lift my head up and get through the the song at

whatever cost. I left the final auditions feeling slightly self-assured and anxious to hear my results.


                      After waiting to hear back from the school for over three weeks, my mom came home with

the news of my results. From the look on her face I could tell it wasn't good. I atleast hoped that I was

wrong this time about her facial expressions and that I was still going to what I believed was the best

school for me and my future. However, I was wrong. Extremely wrong. I had guessed right the first time

and knew my mom's expressions told the story before she even said it. I got NONE of my auditions. To

hear her say that neither my singing or acting was crushing for me. I couldn't believe that the two loves

of my  life weren't good enough to get me into the school of my dreams. I couldn't believe that the school

I had hoped to go to for so long was telling me I wasn't good enough. I couldn't believe that I really put 

myself out there and in the end got embarrassed. It seemed like my world came crashing down and I 

didnt know what was going to be able to fix it. My mom was comforting as she could be after giving me 

the news and told me that instead I would be going to another school outside my district that she 

believed would be equally as good for me. All I could do was hope she was right and hope that this

feeling of rejection would mend itself eventually. I wished I had realized then what I know now and

understand that just because you don't get the things you wanted doesn't mean that their isn't something

better for you out there. 


                   Not getting into the School of the Arts was the best thing to ever happen to me.  It sounds

strange but in the end that incident taught me lessons you cant learn anywhere else but from

experience.  I learned that when you go after something you want you don't t always get it.  It set me up

for situations in life where I was able to accept not getting the opportunities I originally planned to

achieve but knowing that something better could be right around the corner. I realized that sometimes

the reward isn't in getting what you wanted but simply having the courage to go out of your comfort zone

to get it. Being able to know that going out on a limb sometimes won't always get you what you want was

a bigger lesson for me than getting into the school. Dealing with that sort of rejection was new to me 

and the main reason why I took it so hard. However, being a upcoming eighth grader then and a soon to

be senior in high school now, I can see the situation more clearly for what it really was and appreciate

how it prepared me for the ups and downs of high school and realizing that sometimes the lessons that 

are hardest to understand are the ones we need the most. The powerful lessoon that rejection isn't 

a negative and can be a positive has changed me for the better and made me take challenges no matter

what the outcome may be. It has made me fearless and ready to take any project that's set in front of 

me knowing that the experience is sometimes more important than the prize at the end.


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