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I'm open to new things and new adventures. I'm not one of the best writers but I'm on the track to becoming one.

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I don't know what they what they are but could you all possibly tell me what most college admissions offices look for when reviewing an applicant's essay, and if they are present in my writing. If not, that'd be great too. Basically if you can edit it like a english teacher, that'd be great also.

"...We tend to quit"

July 13, 2015

When I walked into my coach's office I went prepared to quit. I had my speech, my reasons, and any comebacks needed in case I would've felt offended, in my head. My coach, Andres Casson, I believed knew something was wrong from the moment I walked into his office. My teammates and I always walk into his office whenever incase we needed to talk about something, finish some schoolwork, or just gather our thoughts. He was avery understanding person who cared about his students and their success So me visiting his office, in the middle of the school day, was nothing out of the ordinary. I could tell by the worried expression on his face and the way he sat up that he knew something was up. He sat up as if he had his own speech prepared. I began talking to him as if everything was normal, he engaged in small chit-chat about track, school, and my home life as we normally do and then afterawhile I realized it was time to drop the bomb. The way his office was set-up didn't help towards my nerves. I was sititing in one of the two chairs located in the front of his desk fidgeting with my hands. The chairs were set up as if it was a principal's office and they weren't comfortable either. I turned my head from my coach and looked at the pictures of his family, the track team, and the people he counseled on the right side of the room. It gave me a quick distraction before I began.  I started off by saying that I need help with a problem, a problem which I honestly wish I didn't have. I started by saying, "Running track doesn't feel the same anymore." When I first joined track as a freshman last year, everything was new; the people, the sport, the commitment. Running track my first year, in short, was fun. This past year though there were some chnages to the team. One of my closest friends joined and being a returning runner who went to state puts a lot of responsibilities on your back. I believe me being put into that leadership role after being able to just 'chill' the first year put a strain on exactly how fun track is.


Having the talk with Coach Casson about continuing with track changed me as an individual believe it or not. I learned that some decisions can't be made on one single event or emotion. When I first met Coach Casson we had a talk about his unborn son (now born), and his birthday. I quickly realized he was leo; the same zodiac sign as me. I told Casson that information and I also mentioned a trait that I wanted him mostly to be aware of from me. I said, "Even though leo's are amzaing, we tend to quit." I already set ths idea in my mind that one day I would eventually want to quit running track because that's just what I do. My decision to stay on the track team has shaped the rest of my life because, not to sound corny, now I know I can do anything I put my mind, soul, and body into. Styaing on the track the team and actually working hard towards a goal has defnitely changed how I respond to other situations. I now confront conflict I have in my life head-on. I identify a problem in my life now and I try to make it better so it can work in my benefit. 


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