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The structure of the written piece; does everything flow in a logical way and does it make sense?


July 9, 2015

THE MAIN EVENT/TENSION CONFLICT (still need fleshing out)

After middle school I really didnt want to play high school basketball, so I just played basketball whenever I could in my spare time.  I still used to hang with the players on the team but I just felt I wasnt ready to play on a high school level, so I avoided joining the team.  After a few weeks went by I decided to talk to the head coach at the time about joining the team.


THE EMOTION I FELT (still need fleshing out)


THE ACTION I TOOK (still need fleshing out)


THE IMPACT OF THE ACTION (still need fleshing out)


THE LESSON I'VE LEARNED (still need fleshing out)

The outcome of my whole situation is that I have gained knowledge on how to express my feelings and showing what I have a passion for and pursuing what I would really like to do in the future, and from then I have seen that I could only grow and get better.  I have learned how to trust my teammates because they motivated and encouraged me to push myself to be better.


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  • Wyatt Bowling

    this story isn't very good

    over 3 years ago
  • Parker Walton

    This story I thought had no meaning to it.

    over 3 years ago