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Most of my work is centred on past experiences, so everything you see either happened to me or to my friends.

I am a very emotional writer and so most of my pieces is very emotive and descriptive. I try to write as vivid as I possibly can.

I really hope you enjoy my profile and write a review here or there I love to hear things that will make my writing better.

The winds of change

March 22, 2017

PROMPT: Becoming Human

It's when her leaves change that she is the most beautiful to me.
When her dark green leaves pales to a golden hue.

It's when she's vulnerable and I can see into her soul
that I appreciate her presence the most.

Her rough bark, scraping my hands as I try to console her
when most of her leaves fall to the ground. 

Today I saw the first sign of it.
The sign of her getting near her end.

For years I have seen her branches grow tired and
now, finally, we're at the point where I know 
she won't be here for long.

How do you say goodbye to the only thing keeping you sane?
I could swear I saw her leaves rustle as a single tear
rolled down my cheek. 

Oh dear nature, I know you're crying for me too. 


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  • cxnnawayy

    Hi Faith! Thank you so much for the comment! I decided I want to smush everything into one and just be a copywriter as it broadens the job that I can do one day.. All the best to you on your endeavours!

    over 3 years ago
  • Faith Camp

    This is so cool! I really like how everything you wrote was really detailed. Amazing job! I read your bio and I want to be a journalist too! I want to be a culture journalist so I can travel the world and stuff. Great job!!!!

    over 3 years ago