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I want as much feedback as possible. Please. Don't hold back. Ask me questions. What if? How? Where? Anything you can ask I will use.


July 10, 2015

In Creta everyone has a home. Creta is shaped like an eight pointed star. Creta is divided into eight triangles, and a octagon. The octagon is where all the schools, work buildings, shops, and the stations are located. Each point of the star has the homes of the citizen of Creta.

At the center of the octagon, there is a tall building. The building is called the station. The station seems to go past the clouds. The station is where the people of Creta go to level up. Each time a citizen of Creta levels up, they get new privileges. Surrounding the station are the schools. Then around the schools are the work buildings. Surrounding the work buildings are the shops. The shops also draw the line of where the octagon ends. The only thing people from Earth would think is weird with Creta, is that they don’t use doors. They also don’t need to walk anywhere, because in each house there is a portal that transports people to where they need to be.


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  • Zoe G.

    So awesome!!!!! Love the idea and name

    over 3 years ago