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Is Graffiti Art

May 22, 2014

PROMPT: Graffiti


Graffiti has always appeared to me as a defiant form of art with no restrictions. It is the most free form of art, and even though they are frowned upon by many they are still a form of art. The really exceptional works of graffiti aren't just beautiful but also display a form of truth or display a message for everyone to read. Shepard Fairey, a rather popular graffiti artist and one of my personal favorites, may not be a vigilante but he does creates a message with his art. He has become well known for his style of using prints. "Harmony & Discord" is a powerful print that shows a person picking a grenade as if it was an apple in an orchard.
Graffiti does have its limits and while many abide by them some have strayed off and overdone it. When graffiti is made for the purpose of getting a message out, for just pure beauty, or even for entertainment it helps the case that graffiti is an art. Those who use it for destruction, harassment, or for any negative purpose are people who are bringing graffiti into a category of vandalism.


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