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Hiding From Hitler

March 21, 2017


It was a normal day. Me, my sister Joely, and my 5 and 7 year old cousins, Olivia and Isaiah, were sitting in my bedroom, laughing and talking. Earlier we had played a card game called "Gubs" and eaten dinner together. Suddenly, we heard a car pull into my driveway. I immediately became worried; all of our parents were already there. "Guys, all of you stay here. I'm going to see who that is."  The adults were all in the kitchen, cleaning. I walked carefully to the living room, but before I could get to the window, I heard loud banging on our front door and rough, men's voices shouting. "Oh, no..." I said under my breath. I ran back to my bedroom as fast as I could. "It's them! They're​ here!" A look of horror flew into Joely's face. I grabbed Olivia's hand and Joely grabbed Isaiah's, and we went as quietly as possible to the hallway next to the living room. "Where are they? None of them are supposed to be here and we're not stopping until they're gone!" a man's voice shouted. I knew what they were talking about. They were coming for us. We had been warned about this.  

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  • Faith Camp

    This is soooo good! It keeps the reader wanting to continue. Great job!!!

    over 3 years ago