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a love note to myself

March 20, 2017


You are jasmine bubble baths 
double dipped in honey 
baked in the oven you built, 
stone by stone 

caffeinated dreams and all nighters 
the deepest brew can be bitter 
can be an acquired taste 

but you, you are strength and fire 
tea leaves scorned and scalded 
it is not your fault that your boil burns their tongues 
let them remember you are not for tasting 

maybe your name will die as an echo 
but an echo sounds the same 
from one voice as one thousand 
you will be passed between the mountain tops 
the hillsides will bloom at the sound of you 

do not forget, in good or bad,  
those nights you spent 
erupting and reforming over and over 
the prehistoric times you stayed through 
a pangea of meteoric proportions 
all of it, 
without a case of amber in which to hide 

because you do not need to hide 
let them see 
the ink and dirt in your bones 
and the wings at your back


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