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There is mystery in all things. It is within you to decipher its deepest meaning.

Paradoxical Cities: Laudomia

July 8, 2015

Deep down in an isolated island, buried under the depths of the earth, bones in skeptical vagueness in a void of light, there stood Laudomia in the abandoned terra firma. Maybe it was less than a hundred centuries old. Or it could be even more than archaic. But that's not what the uncanny inhabitants thought of their city. What fascinated them was the enigma behind it, not that it was born in the earliest of decades or that it was intrinsic before the age of time.

Overcast by the gloomy realm of heavens, its myriad of mirror-like walls hung between mid-air just above the sea of fire and below the arctic winds. Described as the harbinger of good and evil, the city was diversified into ententes. It was born in the dawn of twilight where the mirrors reflected darkness and light in a venerating manner revered by the people. It was what they were waiting for until when the city is finally born on Earth. 


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