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There is mystery in all things. It is within you to decipher its deepest meaning.

Enticing Dust

January 20, 2016

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My own interstellar of dust that creates thousands of words certainly define my deepest psyches. Only then, my heart sparks an interest, like the first sunlight of spring beaming through my glass windows. The sunshine that catches my eyes turns into a fiery summer of sadness. Those make my skin feel the heat, regardless of the cool breeze burning my skin. Alongside the angst comes the fall of leaves ablaze with the reddish-orange of autumn.  The fallen leaves leave the trees a wintry stature, as if welcoming the fall of ice. Christmas is here and people painted the picturesque with icy blue and lavish red while some enjoy the company of the falling snow.  Yet, with the seasons that lit the world, I watched closely the void of black. It was kaleidoscopic, despite of its blankness. From there, I understood the enticing magic of the world. 


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