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Your Beautiful

March 20, 2017

    What ever happened to the saying, "Your beautiful just the way you are"? This problem to some may seem trivial or frivolous  but when you really dive in or get to the heart of this topic or problem your introduced into a whole new world you may have never even knew about. To some their appearance is merely just co-existent to them or to another it may be something sentimental that they somewhat worked for. The problem I want to see changed into a new view around me isn't something big or troublesome to someone that just glances at it with their naked-eye. This topic is really something that can be a misconception or to be judged to lightly. To me I want to see change in how people take the concept of beauty compared to what their ideal vision of beauty is to them. Whether you think this a trifling matter, its time to see the bigger picture.
    Media is the main connection for the entire world. Whether it be to know the latest news on politics or maybe a world pandemic, media is the connection to everything. After you strip away that layer your exposed to other things like beauty, latest news on fashion, or the next big trend. To me being exposed to content like that was a second nature to me. You see these models that are nice and slim showing to many people their image of the "ideal body type" its almost impossible not to let your brain fall into that concept or idea your exposed to. Although not all media is like that. Media comes in different forms which means these are all different ways to get a message across to the other size. Personally I think advocacy that supports how size doesn't matter or how you shouldn't let the world tell you how your meant to be or look like. There is a site I came across doing research for this topic and I thought that even though there aren't an overwhelming amount of advocacy for this subject these sites or media that speak out about this topic is a step closer into a bigger picture. Its main concept was that a diversity of different women isn't a bad thing and it should never be misconceived like that. Especially on how it was about size doesn't matter compared to what you offer in society. This website was empowerment to women that think size matters in business when really size doesn't compare to knowledge.
    Personally I would be lying to if I said I never critiqued myself on my physical features. When your exposed to so many different pictures and ideas its just something that does overtake you sometimes. I do think that the reason why I judge myself is because I am opened to many different things on social media or magazines and you see things that to me is a fabrication of reality. One thing I think is stronger than the power of media is your environment or the people around you. When your allowed into different peoples perspectives it really does impact you because its kinda like instinct to listen or observe people around you. I will not lie and say I haven't been exposed to people around me setting a sort of example of how I should be or look like. There are times when I physical do want to change something about myself but something that your need to grasp is your mentality and the reality that even though you may never look like a super model and that it doesn't change the fact that you should be able to feel good in your body no matter what your exposed to.
    The first step in everything is a big one. Its not easy to retrain yourself and grasp that positive mentality about yourself. Advocating something that may not be a huge matter in someones eyes is a challenge but its not impossible. Its better to take a step forward then not taking a step at all. It may be surprising but research has shown that even parents of overweight children discriminate against them. Another aspect in this I think is to break through discrimination and fight for that right and freedom for you to be comfortable in your eyes and others. In my personal opinion I think that a persons self esteem is never meant to be lowered or dropped yet raised. I have had problems with my self esteem but that is never an excuse to lower your guard and quit. There should never be a standard of the "Ideal Body" your expected to reach. Something that I have witnessed myself is lot of my friends or the people around me actually giving up a nice portion of the food that they eat in order maintain or lose weight just to achieve that perfect body image in their head. I think actions like that should never be expected of you by anyone, especially of yourself. Everyone should love themselves and no one should have the right to be prejudice or discriminating against anyone. People are destined to do great things in the world no matter your size, weight, or physical appearance. I hope everyone can now have a different view on this and take a step into a better society.


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