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This is my first writing prompt.

I Remember my Story

March 20, 2017

PROMPT: I Remember

I remember.
I remember my first love and all the memories we shared. I remember my first best friend, how we once were strangers but are now close than ever. I remember when my younger brother was born, and how he would cry all night and day. I remember my first day of high school, I was terrified and anxious. I remember growing up and life began to get hard. I remember watching mother cry when father left, I did not shed a tear. I remember moving to different homes each year, because mother couldn't afford our homes on her own. I remember the last time I saw father, he was in tears, then he disappeared. I remember talking to my true love, telling him every little detail that occurred in my life. I remember getting sick, sitting there in pain in a hospital bed. I remember these like chapters in a book, which is a story of my life.

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