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I would like to know what you thought of the characters and the description. This is the 2nd chapter of the book, the third should be coming soon. Roxy

A trip down memory lane - Part 2 Scarface.

August 18, 2015


While Kevin was deciding what to do, Gwen was knocking on Scarface’s door. Scarface, aka Johnaowl, was her uncle on her father’s side. He was a legend, although the reason why was hardly discussed for whenever anyone mentioned Scarface’s name, there would be some comment about how wonderful he was to have survived, but no one actually seemed clear about what it was he had actually survived. The only clue was the scar, or technically burn, which covered Scarface’s left eye, an angry red mark that had miraculously not affected his sight was the only clue the creepers had. As you might had guessed this had led to a large amount of speculation with everything from fire to alien invasion being discussed.

Scarface opened the door and smiled the sort of smile that made you think he was generally glad to see you. “Ah, Gwen my sweet! How lovely to see you, would you like to come in?” and so she did, stepping into the house that looked like something fresh out the 1950’s. “Now, is this a social visit or a business one?” her uncle asked.

In other words was this a ‘how are you’ visit or an ‘I have something to discuss’ visit. “Business.” Gwen replied. “Kevin’s being an idiot.” Scarface’s eyebrow rose, but his mouth didn’t move. “He spilt some spaghetti bolanaise onto the table, blamed me, and then refused to let me have any of Billets!”

Silence. “I mean, okay, maybe barging into him wasn’t the best idea in the world, but what the hell was he doing balancing two plates of spag boll? Putting them down for me and him. Well-it was his fault, his fault…because…oh nothing was his fault; it was mine as per usual!” Gwen slumped down on the settee.

Scarface sighed; deciding now would be a good time to speak up. “Gwen, would you mind starting from the beginning, please?” so she did, spilling the whole story out to an attentive Scarface, who made no move to interrupt her until she had finished. “Right, well you’re right in saying it was your fault. But, I think the best thing to do now, would be to take 5, and have a cup of tea.” A cup of tea was Scarface’s solution to everything from scraped knee, to broken heart. If it was up to Scarface world peace would be achieved with a round of PG Tips, Gwen thought watching him boil the kettle. She sighed, getting up, putting the Ghetto Blaster on and smiling happily as the music reached her ears.

In the kitchen, Scarface grimaced as Queen’s ‘don’t stop me now [Having a good time]’ reached his ears. He’d never been fond of Queen, preferring the likes of the Rolling Stone to them any day. He finished brewing the kettle and poured it, thinking, not for the first time, how old fashioned his house was. It wasn’t his fault, all Creepers were old fashioned, as Harvey’s new friends had been quick to point out. Now used to CD’s, IPods and couler TV  they couldn’t help but consider a house which had no phone, a ghetto blaster and artists such as the two previously mentioned, old fashioned.

The five of them had had different reactions; Daisy Toppington was the one who was really interested in the appliances, but more in the working of the things, not the history as Scarface had been trying to explain. Mavis Singer had been polite, but one could see her nose turning up a bit as she noted the black and white TV in the corner of the living room, which had, at the time had been playing Laurel and Hardy. [“Who are they?” She’d asked] Fancy not knowing who Laurel and Hardy were, [“two of the greatest comedians of all time.”] That had made her go quiet. Joanie Clarkson was amazed that the TV hadn’t been upgraded to couler. [“That’s the thing now!”] Finally Alexandra Sweet, lacking the delicate thinking the others had, had stood in the middle of the room and gone “it’s like something from the 50’s!” [The actual design was the 80’s] Scarface had smiled politely, wishing that she wouldn’t look quite so amazed that there was a Dictaphone on the mantel piece. It was when she’d gone. “You have to write letters!? You are kidding, aren’t ya?”[Alexandra’s parents ran a business and she was used to the computer they had in the corner] in response to Freya Sky’s [the only one who, up until that point, hadn’t spoken] polite enquiry as to why there was no phone. [Because we choose to write to one another].

Alexandra had been elbowed by Harvey though, in an effort to shut her up. It worked, Harvey, like all creepers, was stronger than a human and although he elbowed lightly, Alexandra would have had a splendid bruise the next day. However deciding that there was no point redecorating the house as all creeper houses were currently in the era of the 1980’s, he finished stirring the sugar and took the cup of tea through to Gwen.

As Queen drew to a close Gwen took the tea from Scarface, the perfect picture of relaxation. No one would have guessed, 20 minutes ago she’d been in the process of a fit as she greedily gulped the piping hot tea. Scarface sipped his more elegantly and, sensing Gwen had something on her mind, waited for her to talk.

“Scarface, can I have a training session either tonight or tomorrow, please?” Ah, that was it. Although creepers were born with powers they needed training to keep them in check. The training itself could be described as something between the army and Harry Potter, a series of novels Scarface had been introduced to via Andy, who loved reading. In other words it was tough, with routine and exams but not without the element of fun.

Scarface mentally checked his schedule, this evening was out, he had a night out planned with Andy. But tomorrow was a possibility, after all it was Saturday, and seeing as he had nothing to do [for the 3rd Saturday in a row,] he’d better fill it with something. “Alright then, tomorrow…afternoon, by the…tree-stump.” The tree-stump was the place that everything took place at, be it a concert, meeting, battle or indeed training session, as it had a massive field around it. This also had the advantage that more than one activity could take place at the same time.

“I’ll be there.” Gwen agreed as the doorbell rang. “If that’s Kevin, I’ve gone to mars for a holiday.”

Scarface rolled his eyes fondly as he strolled towards the door. Opening it, he found it wasn’t Kevin that graced his doorstep, but his oldest nephew “Ah, hello Billet. Lovely to see you, how was the recital?”

“Wonderful.” Billet smiled, still in his black leotard. “A standing ovation. Now, how are you?”

“Good, good.” Scarface said absentmindedly as Gwen appeared at his elbow.

“Hey, Billet.”

“Gwen?! What’re you doing here?” Billet sounded shocked, but then his eyes narrowed. “I hope you haven’t been causing trouble.”

“Not for me.” Scarface cut in seeing that Gwen was giving her signature scowl which nothing good could come from. “We’ve arranged a training session for tomorrow afternoon.”

“What time?” the 32 year old immediately wanted to know.

“Erm, forgotten about that.  How does four suit you Gwen?”

“Fine.” Gwen nodded, scowl lessening a bit.

“So what are you doing here?”

“Me and Kevin had a bit of a disagreement.” Gwen said curtly, seeing Billets face she hasted to add. “But, I’m going to apologise. I lost my temper that’s all.”

Billet nodded. “Alright then, c’mon kid, let’s get you home before Kevin starts combing the trees for you.” He smiled at Scarface as he led his youngest sibling away. “Thanks, uncle; I’ll see you tomorrow when I walk madam over.”

“You don’t have to, I’m capable of walking.”

“I know, you’re also capable of running, running away if you decide against a training session. At least if I walk you there I know you’re actually there.”

Scarface smiled as their voices faded away. Kids, he thought as he shut the door. Drove you nuts at times, but you couldn’t help but love them.
I would like to know what you though of the charecters and the world they're in. Part 1 is on my profile as is part 3. 


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