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Hanna Pfleeger

My Future

May 22, 2014

I´m writing a letter to myself so I can look back in 10 years and see what my hopes, goals, dreams, and plans were for the future. My plans for when I get done with high school is to go to college and get a degree in dental and become a dental hygienist, I plan is to find a dental hygienist job right after college so I don´t have to live with my parents. I´ll be out of college when I am 22 and hoping a find a man to marry, stay together for three years and get married. I wish is to have the most beautiful wedding anybody have ever seen, I want my dress to be with and strapless with a fake diamond design on the front, I want the back of the dress to be long but ot too long that someone has to carry the back when I walk. I wish to be married at the age of 25, be married for two years and have our first child, I want to have a baby two years after we are married so we can be financially ready to start our family. When we have another child that will be that last one because I only want to have two children. I want to whatch my children grow up play sports, do whatever activity´s they wish to do. After they grow up and move out of the house, my husband and I are going to move some place warm on the beach and have no worries about anything. I will let my children come visit us but they can not live with us because it is our time to get away from everything and dont worry about our children living with us.


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