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I would like to know what you thought about both the characters and the world they're in, please.

The world of the Scorcha's.

July 7, 2015



Blaize Scorcha was sitting alone at the kitchen table, which had a fire design on it. Everything in the castle was designed around the element of fire; the castle itself was deep red. The carpet in all the rooms, apart from the bathroom, was yellow. The mantelpiece in the front room was orange, as were most of the cabinets in the kitchen. As previously mentioned the kitchen table and the coffee table in the front room had a fire design on to complement the walls.

The young girl sighed, flicking a pencil against the table in a random rhythm. She looked out the window to see the black coals that made up the path from the castle throughout the village were unchanged. The light caught them, making them shine. In the distance she could see the red, orange and yellow gates with their mini-flames at the top, with the chain which bound the two gates together making sure no possible intruders could get in.

A couple of children were running around outside, gleefully using there fire powers to play-fight each other. The girl sighed and flicked her fingers outwards causing the power ‘Flame-spit’ to come to life and dance across the table. It was just a little speck of fire, nothing compared to everything else bur as well as catching people of guard, if enough were thrown it could cause severe damage.

She repeated the action a couple of times before sighing again and scowling at the text-book in front of her. She was supposed to be studying for the up-coming Scorcha test that happened when all children turned 16. If you didn’t pass you weren’t granted the ability to get the rest – simple as. Unfortunately she’d never been much of a studier.

“Blaize?” She turned and saw her older sister, Farenheight standing in the doorway. “Are you alright? You’ve been down here ages.” Her sister’s eyes showed nothing but concern as she walked over, long red plait swishing behind her as she took the seat next to Blaize.

Blaize groaned again and ran a finger through her short black bob of hair. “I hate studying.”

“I know. It’s hard, isn’t it? Don’t worry – you’ll get through it.”

“Easy for you to say, you’re practically a genius.” It was true as well; Faren was defiantly the brains of the duo.

The girl in question gave a sheepish smile. “Well, I wouldn’t say I was a genius exactly…”

“You’re off to the Scorcha University in the summer to become a doctor. Of course you’re a genius.” Blaize said, meaning it to sound sulky, but she couldn’t keep the pride out of her voice.

Faren gave a wide grin. “Well, don’t sell yourself short, sis. You’re smart to.”

“Am not.”

“You so are, I’ve never seen anyone wiggle their way out of chores like you do.”

Blaize laughed at that. “What can I say? It’s a gift.”

“Well, I wish you’d teach me. I’m sick of mum dumping the dishes on me. Now, what are you stuck on?”

Blaize slapped her hand to her head. “Everything.”

Faren shook her head. “Now you see, that’s your problem. You’re never going to make anything stick in your head if you try to study everything at once. Try a bit at a time. Let’s start with the basics, skin and powers, yes?”

“Do we have to?”

“I’ll buy you a Peppermint-Flame afterwards.” That perked Blaize up; Peppermint-Flames were her favourite type of sweets. An extremely hot kind of sweet, if you sucked long enough it turned to a peppermint-flavour. Faren hate them.


“Right, now, first question.” Faren pulled the book towards her. “Why is the flame-people’s skin pink instead of red? C’mon, Blaize, you should know this.”

Blaize nodded in agreement, that was one she did know the answer to. “It’s pink because our body cools the flame’s down so we can keep the fire inside us. If we turn red, it means we’re sick.”

“Well done. Next up, what’s Flame-Spit?”

“Flame-Spit is a little ball of fire that shoots out the palm of your hand, which you then flick using your fingers. It’s designed to confuse attackers, but if you do enough of them at once you can cause damage.”

“But that isn’t a good idea because…” Faren pressed.

“Apart from the fact it kills your wrists?”

“Do you know?”


“It’s because it takes to much time, by the time you’ve done that an attacker could have floored you. Now, next up. What is the Rain of Fire and at what age does it appear?”

Blaize scrunched her for-head in thought and then clicked her fingers as she got it. “The Rain of Fire is when you throw gold specks into the air; it comes in when you’re 21.”

“Yes, which is why I don’t have it. It’s not gold specks though, they are gold but they’re called embers. They’re so small you can hardly see them, but cause pain if they touch the skin. This is why you have to create a lot of them to cause damage, hark the name rain of fire. You thrust your hands outwards at the person you wish to attack and the embers fall. Because they’re so small, it’s highly unlikely the person will realise what you’re doing until it’s too late. Brilliant. Now, number three, Volcanic Eruption, what is that and how old are you when you get it?”

“You’re 18 and it’s when you can cause a volcano to appear under the ground and push its way up. As well as startling an attacker, it can act as a shield.”

Faren beamed. “Yes, you can also control how big you want it to be. Small ones tend to be better for startling, medium ones for defending. But big ones are used for attacking, which brings me onto the next question, what other power goes alongside it?”

Blaize smacked her hand on the table in irritation. “Oh, dang it! I should know this…hold on…don’t tell me…” Faren patiently waited until her younger sister eventually remembered. “I know! Lash, right? Lava and ash together, the ash suffocates people and can blind an attacker and confuse them and the lava burns them to the skin and can kill them, right?”

Faren applauded. “Correct. You can choose just one or both, depending on the situation. Most people tend to avoid the lava and go straight for the ash. Alright finally, what’s the earliest power and at what age do you get it?”

Blaize smiled, a little smug. “Well, of course I know that one! The earliest power is ‘Ball of Fire’ and usually comes when the kid is about 6-10, right?”

“Yes it depends on the child. And what is it?”

“It’s exactly how it sounds. You shoot balls of fire out the palm of your hands, like so.” Blaize demonstrated, throwing one into the wall.

“Great! Yeah, Flame-Spit is actually quite like that, except it takes more care and precision. Hark why kids tend to learn it at about 13.” Farenheight smiled again and got up. “There you are. Done.”

“Really!?” Blaize squawked, standing up a little to gawk at the sun-diel outside. “We’ve only been doing it half-an-hour!”

“Yes, well, it’s better to do small amounts of studying. You’re brain takes it in better. Now C’mon! D’you want that Peppermint-flame or not?”

Blaize shook herself before running after her sibling. Behind the textbooks laid abandoned.



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