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I loved her so much. After all these years of silence and all these miles apart, I still love her. To this day, I have not loved anyone the same way. I have loved. I have known friendship. But I don't think I'll ever know a love like hers again. And that's okay. My dear ghost, I know you're out there with your whole, healed heart. I know you'll never read this. I know you don't even know what this website it. But I want you to know that I still tremble when I write about you.

I Remember You

March 28, 2017

PROMPT: I Remember

I remember the memory in the air that night-
When our time of making memories together had come to an end,
And all we could do was remember. 
I remember the sky was beautifully blue- until it wasn't.
I remember the silence between us,
While we both remembered everything. 
I remember how many steps you walked away:
54 before stopping,
And running right back,
Across a street,
Through three yards,
And back into my arms.
I remember the strength of your embrace,
I remember every one of your slow, shuddering breaths.
I remember every summer night I spent with your head next to mine,
I remember every promise we ever made.
I remember when the scar by your eye-the one only I remember how you got-
Was still a gash from when you ran into your grandmother's kitchen table.
I remember every laugh in your swimming pool and every fight over doll clothes.
I remember loving you so much I thought I'd die the second you walked away and didn't turn back.
But eventually, you had to walk back across that street,
Through through those yards,
And up the stairs to your front door.
I remember how you stood and waved.
I remember how you closed the door behind you.
I remember that the sun went down while I waited for you to open it again. 
I remember that you never did.


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