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May 22, 2014

PROMPT: Graffiti


Over the years, art has changed. It has gone from making ceramic bowls on pottery wheels with dug up dirt to illegally painting buildings. I most definitely agree with people wanting to express their emotions and I think it's amazing that art has opened that door for us but that's art, this is vandalizing property. I don't think you need to go out and start spray painting buildings downtown but rather go out and get a canvas to paint on. The only possible way that graffiti wouldn't be considered vandalism is if that artist or person had permission to paint that building but then again, that's still vandalism but with permission. I believe that graffiti is considered art if an artist has bought a building and decides to graffiti that outside of it because that is the right you have when you own something, the right to decorate or to make it your own. Some graffitied buildings will say positive things so no one thinks it is vandalism. There are always good and bad sides to everything and graffiti is the perfect example. Although some people don't see the point or recognize what some graffitied buildings stand for, people that graffiti will never stop. Ultimately, the state or the mayor of your town will decide whether graffiti is vandalism or if it is art.


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