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Riley Noel

United States

Future horse trainer
IMF Agent
Rebel Spy
Demon Hunter
Possible Demigod
Maybe a Shadowhunter
A proud Gryffindor
Dean and Sam Winchester (older brothers)
In love with
Bucky Barnes
Indiana Jones

Message to Readers

I recently watched a movie about people loving each other for what's on the inside so I thought about that idea and tried to take it literally. As always any comments and questions are welcome. Thank you all for your support, you guys have no idea how much it means.


March 17, 2017


Sometimes I wish we were all blind.
We would not see race,
We would not judge by outer.
Instead we could feel,
the kindness in others hands, 
we could really listen to each other,
we could fall in love with people's hearts.
If the world was blind, 
we would all work to raise each other up,
to see the light.

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