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Publisher's Anxiety

By: Arabel James

PROMPT: Open Prompt

I placed my head on my knees and curled up in the desk chair, facing my enemies. The computer. The piece of writing that I had just submitted to the world--for criticism. I let out a low, despairing moan.

Anyone could read this, anyone could see what I'd written and comment, criticize, laugh at it. Oh, what had I done? It was much safer in my little notebook, where I allowed no one to read anything I'd written. So much safer when I was alone in my own little world of stories and imagined realms. Why hadn't I stayed there, where I could find solitary refuge? Why hadn't anyone warned me about the perils of publishing?

It was out there now. No turning back. Oh, shoot.


Message to Readers

This was just kinda a crazy thing I wrote on the spot. Any feedback is great! Thanks, guys.

Peer Review

Exactly what the title says. It's a piece about publisher's anxiety.

You're talking about a feeling everyone on this website has felt in some shape or form before, so it's really easy to relate to.

You're all set. No problems here.

Reviewer Comments

I really love this piece because I'm in the same boat as you. Granted, I've gotten better, but when I stop to think, 'huh, I just published this,' my next thought is immediately, 'oh dear god, what have I done?'
I love what you've done, and I can't wait to read more of your work in the future!