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Arabel James

United States

Message to Readers

This was just kinda a crazy thing I wrote on the spot. Any feedback is great! Thanks, guys.

Publisher's Anxiety

July 6, 2015

PROMPT: Open Prompt


I placed my head on my knees and curled up in the desk chair, facing my enemies. The computer. The piece of writing that I had just submitted to the world--for criticism. I let out a low, despairing moan.

Anyone could read this, anyone could see what I'd written and comment, criticize, laugh at it. Oh, what had I done? It was much safer in my little notebook, where I allowed no one to read anything I'd written. So much safer when I was alone in my own little world of stories and imagined realms. Why hadn't I stayed there, where I could find solitary refuge? Why hadn't anyone warned me about the perils of publishing?

It was out there now. No turning back. Oh, shoot.



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