Peer Review by Riley Noel (United States)

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'you can be whatever you want to be'

By: --RosieOnTheRun (from reality)--


"you can be whatever you want to be"
Drummed into my head
Woven through the fabric of my childhood
I believed it
I was going to be a teacher
A princess
A writer
But how can I know what I want to be when I don't know me?

Peer Review

I love the line I have highlighted because I think it is so honest and intense.

A little bittersweet. I am glad I am not the only one with a list of jobs I think I want to have but I clear idea of which one I actually want to do.

What do you honk you want to be?

Reviewer Comments

This is a beautifuly well written piece that has a truth to it that I think a lot of people can connect with and I know I can. I want to do a lot of different things but I don't know which one would ha a good fit because I haven't figured myself out yet.