Kerri Myers


Back to the 70's.

May 22, 2014

PROMPT: Time Travel


Trying to gather all of my things to head into the time machine is getting pretty stressful. Going back into the 70's means that of course you will need to grab all your tie die and get your hair all braided to prepare for that kind of society so you will be able to fit in and not stand out. Right when I first got there it was all almost a blur so I didn't really have much to write in my notebook for the first day. But no one there really noticed me because they were all calm and really just worried about themselves. That is one of the reasons I chose to travel back to this time because it was all about peace and love. Mostly everything I saw was tie die and braids. Tie die and braids all over and invitations to disco parties on the ground, wondering what was going to go on there. Thinking about how peaceful this time was, I don't think I will return home. It was very relaxing there and I know I will miss it back at home, but I'll be back there later... right?


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