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Verity Fynn

United States

Hey, hey, hey! I'm a sixteen-year-old girl with a passion for reading and writing. Aside from that, I enjoy correcting people, chocolate, and traveling.

Message to Readers

Not my best, I know... advice would be nice.


July 7, 2015

You can only see this city when the asphalt is wet from rain. Look down, down, down, further than where your feet stand, and you will see Nordel, our distorted mirror-city. The people are your disfigured shadows, copying your every move. Everyone seems to mock us there, doing what we do, but looking stranger, sillier, somehow. There are houses and shops and other buildings here, of course, but they seem to be malformed, and stretch deep into the center of the earth. There is no freedom here, for people are bound to their doppelgangers above. Nordel dissappears as the asphalt dries, for where the is no one to see there is nothing to be seen.

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