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Lily Richards

United States

The Core of Our Society

March 20, 2017

                                                                       Teacher Salary
    Coming from a small rural town nestled in the Great Smoky Mountains of North Carolina where there is only one High School, one Middle School, and two Elementary Schools, teachers give us a look into a new world that some of their students have never seen or experienced. Teachers pave the way for our future making us think, imagine, and expand our minds. They are the core of society, raising us since we were 4 years old to be our own independent individual. Then why are our teachers paid so little? Teachers are the center of our society, yet they are at the bottom of the barrel when it comes to their income. Why is this? They deserve more. They work day in and day out trying to provide a safe, fun, and new way to learn. Their day doesn't finish at the end of school day like we think it does, most of our teachers work to five or six at night after a whole day of teaching. And some go to their second job after that. Teachers need a better salary to provide for not just themselves, but their families. They help us understand our chaotic world, and for that we must pay tribute.
    North Carolina is ranked 41st in average teacher pay. A step up from last years 42nd. A 2016 National Education Association study shows that... “North Carolina teachers make an average of $47,985 this school year, about $10,000 less than the average U.S. teacher, who makes $58,064.” Last year, the average North Carolina teacher made $47,819, about $9,600 less than last year's national average of $57,420.​ Teacher salaries in North Carolina are paid both by the state government, and in many counties, by a local supplement. Coming from a small public school, where we get very little funding, plus going to a school in a state that doesn’t seem to like paying teachers very much. Is not just difficult for the students who can’t experience an abundant amount of new things, but the teachers who take their own money and go out and buy supplies for their students out of the kindness of their hearts. Not thinking about what else they could use the money for like groceries or maybe new clothes, no, they put their student first. So why can’t we put our teachers first in pay?
    Have we ever thought about how the teaching field is more than predominantly filled with women, and since society devalues women in every field, especially professions perceived as "women's" professions. How might this impact pay? Is this why they are paid so little? Women’s work is devalued in the job market because women are seen to have little value. This means that anything a woman does, be it childcare, teaching, or doctoring, or even rocket science, will be seen to be of less value simply because it is done mainly by women.
    Have you ever noticed that entertainers get paid millions of dollars per movies, episodes, shows, etc. Not that they don’t work hard on their craft, I just don’t understand how teachers are not making above 80,000 dollars. Teachers are vital to the future. People say that kids are the future, but if there are no adults to teach the future what kind of world will we become? Teachers contribute a lot more than they get credit for and their salaries should express that. Teachers go through so much and what they get back just isn't enough. They create the basis of education in billions of people's lives. Without teachers, how would we gain knowledge? Teachers encourage and influence the future of our world. Some of the smartest people would not be where they are today without teachers. Teachers contribute to each aspect of society. They prepare and shape great minds that are going to change the world one day. So how can we even put a price on education? How are teachers getting paid the same or even less than people who never went to college? Some of Hollywood’s best actors get paid more to act as teachers than teachers actually do to teach.
    Teachers prepare, shape, and expand our minds for the future. They believe in our ideas, and that one day we can change the world for the better. My idea, my opinion, is to increase teacher pay. They influence and raise our children, yet we thank them by giving them hardly enough of a salary. This needs to change, this must change. They commit, and love their job so much; and we can’t drive them away because of their pay. Teachers deserve a better salary.


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