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Okey, so here's the second chapter, the third should be up soon. The first is on my profile page - feel free to read it and my other work.
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The Guide to Friendship chapter 2

July 4, 2015



Hannah Joan.

Hey. What do you write in a diary? I have seen diary books before; they sort of introduce the other members of the family in a ‘subtle’ way? But I already know my family so, like, what…

But I’ll give it a go anyway.

I was given this diary two months ago for my 11th birthday by one of my best friends, Carmen. I haven’t looked at it since until she asked me whether I’d written in it and I stupidly said ‘no’. So she demanded I start. So I brought it with me today.

I’m round her place actually, in her room. She and one of my best friends Bethany are sitting on the floor doing each other’s make-up. Scrap that, Carmen’s doing Bethany’s make-up. I have two other mates as well; Janie and Lucy, but they couldn’t make it today. Family stuff.

I glanced at Bethany and had to bring the diary over my face to not burst out laughing. She looks like a panda. Carmen has clearly got the mascara stick and put it all round Bethany’s eyes. She looked good actually in a strange sort-of way. Long Blonde hair and panda eyes go together quite well.

She found out. There was screaming lots of it. And Carmen was rolling round on the floor holding her stomach practically crying with laughter. Bethany was furious. “Carmen! What have you done to me!?”

No answer. So Bethany turned to me. “Hannah! Did you know Carmen was putting this much on?”

“I had noticed.” I said truthfully, feeling a smile coming on.

Carmen burst out laughing again and Bethany looked like she was about to scream again when Rio’s voice was heard.

“What’s going on?” He sounded apprehensive. He’s Carmen’s twin, but his more…careful and a bit more guarded than she is.

Bethany turned around and he visibly recoiled a bit.

“Hey Bethany. Nice…eyes.” He finished lamely.

“I look ridiculous.”

“You look like a panda.” Carmen said, lightly, sitting up. “They’ll be ringing you for those ‘help the animals’ adverts you see on telly next, you’ll see.”

I glared at her at that and said. “Oh come on, Carmen, that’s not fair. Those charities’ do a lot of good work…”

She waved her hand. “Yeah, yeah, whatever. What did you want?” She directed to her brother, who shrugged.

“I heard screaming. That and dad’s gonna be back in about half an hour, so you know…”

“Dammit.” Carmen muttered under her breath.

Bethany had found the wipes and was quietly rubbing the mascara of. She’s actually quite quiet when Carmen isn’t driving her mad.

“So what’s happening?” I asked, though to be honest I knew what was going to happen. Every time we go to Carmen and Rio’s place they make us leave a bit before their dad gets back. It’s quite annoying actually.

Sure enough the answer was. “You’re leaving. C’mon, I’ll walk you out.”

“We need to…” Rio protested as Carmen shoved past him.

“Clean the ornaments, I know.”

“Yeah so, now…”

“For Christ sake, Rioella, lemme walk these two out first!” Carmen snapped as we walked down the stairs. “Bye.” She said, bluntly before shutting the door again.

“Nice to feel welcome, isn’t it?” I said lightly to Bethany who smiled a little.


“See you tomorrow at school?” We all go to Toppington Secondary school.

“Yeah, see you then.”

I waved at her and walked off. And now I have to go to dinner so I’ll probably write in you tomorrow, diary. Bye. 




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