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Just a speck of dust

By: Alexis

I am an original work of art, but so is the rest of the world. Handcrafted by a God who has carved us into a nation with the whip of his hand and a thought in his mind. I am a speck of dust, nowhere near perfect. Compared to the world I am in, theirs so much more to life than me. This world is a playground with many obstacles and the only way to get noticed is through an act of greatness, but that's not what really matters. You see, life is not a game, but people make it one. A constant competition to be the greatest in life and that's how they get nowhere. I on the other hand am given the privilege to live a blessed life with a wonderful family and amazing people in my life and yet that still doesn't matter. Again, the world doesnt revolve around a self-centered teenager who thinks she knows the world, but in fact is the complete opposite. The world is composed of matter created by someone who is so much more than anything you can think of. 

Peer Review

The thought that appears to have gone into it. You could almost call it 'pondering life'.

I like how you didn't specify a god.

It would have been nice if you had expanded on some of the points, fleshed them out a little.

It was a good ending which rounded it of nicely.

Reviewer Comments

Well done.