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My Top 10 Favorite Music Artists (and why I like them)

March 15, 2017


These are my top 10 favorite bands and why I like their music. The order makes no difference since I love them all equally. Which band I listen to, just depends on what mood I'm in.
  1. The Beatles(1960-70)- I know a lot of people think of The Beatles as a cliché band that everybody likes just because they were so popular. This is pretty stereotypical, and I don't blame you for thinking it. In fact I thought so too, until one day when my mom put The Beatles on (she's a big fan). Once I actually started to listening to them, I was surprised to find I liked them a lot. I think one of the reasons I like them is because they did such a variation of music. While most bands usually stick to just one genre, The Beatles did rock n' roll, pop, psychedelic rock, hard rock, Indie, orchestra, and even extended into a bit of country and rhythm & blues with some of their songs.  
  2. Boston(1975-present)- Self-described as "Just another band out of Boston", Boston was definitely a big sell-out in the 1970s. Their genres include hard, soft, and progressive rock. I like them because they're something different, they have their own personality, their own sound. Sometimes they'll be on the radio, and even if I haven't heard that particular song before, I'll know it's Boston because they've just got that super unique tune in vocals, guitar, and music. 
  3. The Cars(1976-88)- I guess Boston was right about bands out of Boston, because that's where The Cars are from too. They pretty much started new wave rock and added a new electronic feel to their music. I like their first two albums, The Cars and Candy-O, best, but all their music is good. In fact, they might even be my favorite band, since I tend to listen to them most.
  4. Chicago(1967-present)- Chicago is really superb, in my opinion, because they added a new instrument to rock: horns! Chicago's music is usually soft, but it can get pretty rowdy sometimes, especially the guitar. I like them not only because their music is great, but also because their love songs aren't silly. They're more on the serious side and heartfelt. I love to sing along to Chicago and listen to them quite a lot.
  5. Eagles(1971-80)- I can't say there's really anything I dislike by The Eagles. Their music is amazing, a perfect blend of rock and country, turning out as soft rock. And it's not just the actual music part that makes their music so good, the lyrics are really poetic. I'm content listening to just their music or reading their lyrics alone, but together, it's really something really beautiful and special. One of the first songs I ever liked, Peaceful, Easy Feeling, was by them actually. There are not too many bands that can compete with the Eagles, in my opinion.
  6. Fleetwood Mac(1967-1995)- I think the thing I like best about Fleetwood Mac is the strong beat all their music has to it. Mick Fleetwood, the drummer, really had his job down well. I also find it really cool that Christine McVie plays the accordion. Most people wouldn't expect a girl accordion player, and she does it terrifically. Their album, Rumours, has definitely got to be one of my favorite albums of all time. There is not one single song on that album that I don't like.
  7. The Police(1977-86)- I love The Police's music so much, I have since I first heard them. They're part new wave, part punk, part reggae rock. My favorite song, Every Breath You Take, is by them. I think the thing that amazes me most about The Police, is how they managed to make so much good music with just a guitar, a bass, drums (I really like Stewart Copeland's drumming), and, of course, their voices.
  8. Simon & Garfunkel(1957-70)- Simon and Garfunkel's music is usually really deep. Songs like The Boxer and Mrs. Robinson are so thought-provoking. That's one of the reasons I like them so much. Their voices have such harmony and the guitar is simple, yet so sweet. It's really what I call rainy day or evening car ride music. 
  9. Steve Miller Band(1966-present)- I have to admit, I really haven't listened to too much of their music, but what I've heard, I like. Especially songs like Abracadabra, The Joker, Fly Like An Eagle, and Swing-town. Their music is really bright and happy, it makes me feel like dancing. 
  10. The Who(1964-82)- I just discovered The Who recently and I'm so glad I did. I love how their music goes from hard rock, to kind-of-electronic, to power pop, and then back to hard rock. Won't Get Fooled Again is one of my favorite songs and Keith Moon is probably my favorite drummer of all time. His drumming is so unique, a totally different style from everything done before.

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