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Graffiti You Love it or You Hate it

May 22, 2014

PROMPT: Graffiti


Graffiti is art and vandalism it's art if it does not have anything bad in it like cuss words and it's vandalism if it is bad like it has cuss words or any bad picture that the artier puts on the wall or "canvas". I don't know about a lot of people if they like graffiti or not but I have to say I like it if it's nothing extremely bad. I see a lot of graffiti on every day when trains drive by. I see graffiti as art I dint see it as any thing that is bad unless it's slang or bad "not for kids" pictures. I think some people see graffiti as a bad thing but the look at a merely and they think it's art. It is but the artier is payed to paint what the person wants on his/her wall. While graffiti is art that the artier wants to put for no money he/she puts what they would like to put on the wall, train cars, etc. A lot of people says thar graffiti is like life sometimes it's where you don't what it to be at and some time it's in the right spot only time can really tell.

Graffiti is art and vandalism.


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