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Message to Readers

I've had this piece sitting in my portfolio for about 2, maybe 3 months, because I had actually totally forgotten about it. But, here you go, finally, thanks for reading, and hope you like it!

Why Do They Call...?

August 25, 2017

PROMPT: Beyond Reason

Why do they call bees, Bees, and not Efs* or Pes**?
Why do they call failure a bad thing, when it helps you be your best?
Why do they call a hand to hold just a want, when it is really a need?
Why do they call a house a home without a family to put it to the test?

Why do they call a dog man's best friend when it can be a girl's best friend too?
Why do they call differences a bad thing, when they help you be unique?
Why do they call children irresponsible, when they have just learned to take care?
Why do they call rainstorms a sad thing, when the heavens are crying with joy?

Why do they call it Mother Nature when it could just as well be Father Nature?
Why do they call mistakes horrible, when they help you learn your lesson?
Why do they call walls a barrier, when they keep you safe from harm?
Why do they call love complicated when it should be so simple?

Why do they call arguments a bad thing, when they help settle differences?
Why do they call death awful, when it sometimes creates new beginnings?
Why do they call hard work frustrating, when it helps you to learn?
Why do they call loss a sad thing, when it helps make you stronger?



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