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Brenden Ulaner

United States

Underpaid and Underapreciated

March 20, 2017

Brenden Ulaner

Teachers have a remarkable job. They are the ones who are teaching the youth to become something in life for generations to come. In some ways they are the ones who shape our future. By teaching the youth valuable skills to prepare them for when they graduate and become adults. Teachers have a massive development with our children so why do they get so underappreciated and so underpaid

Think about it do we value education? Well I would consider that it's a little harder to answer than we would think. The way that we underpay our educators who are teaching our youth so that they can one day run the world when we are gone is apocryphal. According to “The state's average teacher salary of $45,967 is almost $10,000 less than the national average. Starting pay for a teacher in North Carolina is $30,800 a year, and it takes 15 years to get to $40,000” which is just disgusting and just disrespectful. Considering that America as a nation values education, why do we pay our teachers the same as or lower than a McDonald's manager. According to the base salary for the manager position is $42,630 yearly and they also have a Total Compensation of $45,48. The average teacher will take around 6 years in college, four to complete the bachelor and then two if you are going to go for a masters degree.while your McDonald's manager might not even go to college. when thinking about college we also have to think about the loans some college students are taking out just to become teachers which could take 20 years just to pay off. combined with the below average salary that should be given its hard to be a teacher.

Teachers have to not only deal with the underpayment but they also have to supply their own supplies with their own money. Not only that but, they take time out of their lives to help students after school so that they can succeed in life. When classes are dismissed it is never over for the teachers in fact, they spend that time with lesson planning and grading. Spending their days with nothing but hard planning and helping their students.
When looking at the way America we pay our teachers poorly compared to other countries. The pay for teachers falls behind that of other professions which may require the same amount of schooling. states that "the average salary for teachers in the United States is $47,165 as of 2013". In the same year, Luxembourg teachers were being paid an average salary of $97,808 according to the site. Pay isn’t one of the major reasons for a teacher to teach for some it's the benefits of a summer vacation but some teachers enjoy teaching the future president's, physicians, and even future teachers for generations to come. For some it's the realization that you are helping someone learn or changing a kid's life for the better. Some teachers become part-time coaches to even just support their own income. Which causes them to juggle their lives even more than already have to. even though teachers already have enough on their plate they have to try extra hard to simply make it through the day.   

For some the amount of money that they receive each year is not enough to keep them around and they are forced to quit their jobs. Which is not only disappointing but it should be heartbreaking that someone cannot do what they love because they can’t afford to provide the basic needs for not only themselves but their students.



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