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July 3, 2015

PROMPT: Lunar Phrases


The lunar rotation is an average of 384,000 km from the Earth.

I sense an atmosphere inside of you

Were you not also born of the sky?

Did you not also learn to be distant by wishing to be amongst the stars?


You modeled your manhood after the moon

Unlike your father, he would visit you every night before bed to sing you a lullaby

You dreamt yourself stranger to the world

Haven’t you enough of solitude?

To revolve, removed from mortals and our vices

You have shattered 1000 astronaut hearts

There are moments even I have believed myself rocket enough to reach you

Maybe if I held your hand it would help me breach gravity

But you,

You exist only as motion -

So I won’t find you lying still beside me in the morning

Are you afraid of greeting the sun and her radiance, of letting yourself be seen in the light?

Are you worried you are only a reflection?

When you hide from the light, your intentions become shadows

But…I will keep your illusion a secret.

Because I too have fallen for your charms

The way my hips swayed waves and my tongue rolled tides for you

My body was an alchemy of ocean at your touch, you commanded me as water

I would have surrounded you in an instant

But…but you never stayed to count the sand with me

Ankles deep on an empty beach

I heard the clouds calling for your return.

I cannot teach you what it is to be man,

You have concluded yourself rock for so long

But don’t you know you are stardust too?

You are all 4.6 billion years of creation

I call it an old soul

But you are still young enough to free that dark side of yours…

We are ALL missing pieces of ourselves

I will walk horizons, collect every misplaced meteorite and rebuild the craters of you

I will ask every passing comet for which jokes will make you laugh

There are as many ways to say I love you as there are stars

I will assemble you a galaxy of them.


If you let me, I will heal you.

I will heal you whole

From crescent to full.





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