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Opinion On Opinions

March 20, 2017

Jack Stuckey
Opinion Essay

Today there is a multitude of opinions. There are opinions on global warming, politics, and religion. But why do we have these opinions? Why do we think that our opinions are better than other's opinions? These are all questions that pertain to our human nature to be selfish. As babies, most if not all of us have a selfish drive, and this produces opinions about others, as we want to place others behind ourselves. Because we position others second, we view our opinion, which is a part of what makes us who we are, as the best one most of the time. Positive opinions depend on an individuals commitment to their belief and evolve into negative opinions when a person decides to take a path of selfishness and lack commitment to their beliefs.

An opinion is defined as a view or judgement formed about something, not necessarily based on fact or knowledge. This reveals that the opinions of most people is determined by their perspective of a situation. People create a perspective through the figurative lenses they look at the world through. These intertwined pieces allow for people to control their daily outlook on life more than they think they can. People can not always control their emotions, but have the ability to perceive situations as a glass half full or half empty. This half full or half empty perspective on daily life determines what opinions people formulate as they meet new people and experience new environments. Because people's opinions on certain situations depend on the perspective and lenses used by the individual, negative perspective leads to negative opinions and positive perspective leads to positive opinions. The more people can perceive the world in a positive light, the better the world will be.

Negative opinions are more contagious than positive opinions in every way. They are the product of negative perspectives. One example is cursing, viewed by most individuals in the world as negative and "Bad," in my opinion. From my perspective, cursing is something that someone starts doing, because they heard somebody else doing it. At first the person feels bad about it inside to some extent, feeling that it is naturally and morally wrong to do. This is an example of how easily negative opinions spread. These negative words and influenced cursing are rooted in a lack of firm belief and commitment to being "good." These negative perspectives are a product of a person not believing in something that provides them with motivation and confidence. This motivation and confidence allows for the person to make the choice to view the world with a positive opinion, but without it, the decision to view the world more positively is harder in every way. The people who live their lives without a solid and dependable belief then resort to viewing the world in a negative light as it is easier than working to find positivity in believing in nothing. This easier path, which does not require a solid belief or commitment, attracts numerous followers, because its advertises a quick and easy way out of working for positive opinions. It also advertises the ability to create a sense of satisfaction in one's self, because the people perceive themselves as the only positive thing in a world they perceive with negative opinions. Negative opinions are impressively attractive and have a phenomenal campaign slogans, but bite people who follow them in the rear end, because they do not realize that the negative opinions destroy their ability to view anything in the world with a positive opinion.

Truly positive opinions are more rare than negative opinions, because positive opinions require devotion and commitment to a person's beliefs. Positive opinions are seen more within numerous belief systems and people of the church, in my opinion, because those people have a solid foundation in what they believe and are not depending on an unstable person or thing to guide them to an opinion. This broadens their horizons to be more open and accepting of the world around them, because they believe that no matter what happens they can depend on what they believe for motivation and confidence. These people have more positive opinions about the world around them, because commitments and beliefs commonly  guide them in perceiving the world with a positive opinion. These positive opinions require commitment, but pay off in the end. Their advertising is not as flashy, but they sell a valuable piece to a more satisfying life of positive perspectives and opinions. 

In the end, most of us desire to find the easy way out of hard situations. Through this desire, we choose to set our eyes on the negatives of things in this world to create a mental image of ourselves as awesome, because no one else is positive. This concept usually works for a little while, but later in deteriorates your chances of viewing the world with a positive opinion. People can avoid this desire and struggle if they chose to take the path with great rewards that requires great commitment. In my opinion, opinions are shaped by how we view the world and should be accepting and understanding in every form to prevent hateful opinions from overtaking our way of thinking no matter how easy it may appear.

This is my opinion, and I am not out to hurt anyone's feeling.
Thank you for reading!


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