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Logic and destiny

July 3, 2015



"Logic and destiny" two words contradict each other but complete each other. I'm Juliana, 21 year-old girl, in her first year at college where I had my best friends ever. I entered the university with a scholarship. I was from those girls who know nothing except studying and planning to a bright future. I used to hear stories about love, passion and marriage but always curious about what really these words mean in reality because I've never believed in such a thing. One day, I was returning home from my friend's house at dawn and the streets were empty. When reached my home, I found a note on my door. It was not an ordinary note; it was actually a love note. It was written in it "When you are in love you can't fall asleep because reality becomes better than your dreams, my princess". I felt something strange about this note and of course very curious to know who sent it. I went to college the day after and my thoughts were completely drown at this note. At the end of the day, I had a surprise which made me very happy. A friend of mine whom I hadn't seen for a long time because he had moved with his family 13 years ago has returned back. His name is Matt. When I saw him, "Wow, you are not the little Matt anymore" I said. He was tall, handsome with blonde hair and amazing smile. I was very happy to see him again. I left him to take a rest and then showed him the entire city and what he has missed the past years. Soon, I restored my old days with him while we were inseparable. Matt too was happy to see me happy.  One day we were out to ride bicycles as it was Matt's favorite hoppy and we saw a divination. She has told me that I have a bright future with someone who is really very near to me and I recognize him but afraid to admit it. I was delighted by hearing that I have a bright future but confused by the person who is near me. My graduation party is after 3 days and I have to buy a dress. I went shopping with my friends and bought a beautiful red dress because Matt loves this color. In the party night when Matt came to accompany me to the party, he was impressed and smiled (this smile when you like someone). While dancing in the party with Matt, I was in another world between his arms. At the end of the night, Matt has told me that he is in love with me and he returned back because he couldn't live without me. I stared without saying a word. I was afraid and happy at the same time that made me run immediately to my home. I found a package at the step of the door. When I opened the package, I found a beautiful sleepy bubby.  I have seen this bubby two days ago while being with Matt at the store on the other side of the city. There was a note with this bubby and it was the same note which I had found before "When you are in love you can't fall asleep because reality becomes better than your dreams, my princess". Now I'm totally sure that Matt was the one who sent the first note and this also. He was always with me but I didn't realize it. Next morning, I went to him and throw myself through his arms. He has promised me to live his all life with me till we dye together but he has broken down his promise. My days with Matt cannot be described. I have finally found myself and my life which I always dreamt of it. Every day was better than the other that I didn't want it to finish. From long ago, Matt is always impulsive in contrast of me. While driving me home one day, the car has broken down and it was very dark. Matt has stopped. I told him that we must stay at a side of the road so that we can be safe but of course he had a different idea. He thought that when cars pass by us, the drivers won't be able to see us at the side so he decided to stand in the middle of the road so that the drivers can see him. I refused and prevented him to do so but he insisted. He saw a car and decided to stand in front of it but the surprise was that when the driver saw him, he turned right fearing of hitting Matt but he has hit me. At the time of death, I felt that all my life was valueless and when it started to have a value, the destiny played his role.


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