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Anything that you felt during and after reading my piece, I would love to hear. I really do appreciate feedback and I hope to make new pieces soon.

One sentence story: Roar

July 7, 2015

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One sentence story:Roar

You could hear it roar, my people run across the streets, scattered, you can hear it roar, loudly diving towards our small city, (roar, roar, roar), women and children screaming, grown man weeping, i`m weak....I  watch as the strong grow weak, the weak become strong on their knees with the non-believers, I watch as the planes fly south, running, running cowards, today I might die, today it might roar, but I am no coward, I kiss my brothers and sisters, I wipe strangers tears, (roar, roar, roar), until boom, everything is no more, the silence floods the land, the once booming land is a cementary to war, a war that cost us it all, women, men, and girls we lost it all to the roar (bombing of harishma).


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