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By: Norah

Lux-City of Lights

    It is the candle sparking to life, bursting forth into darkness. It is the pinprick of light at the end of the tunnel, glowing, flickering. It is woven from the blackness itself, fabricated from the particles of brightness in the haze of dark. It stands, suspended in shadow, tiny, yet not cowed by the infinity of pitch and black encircling it.

    The steeples and towering spires rise and waver like flame. Glass bridges drape from building to building, trembling in the slightest breeze. Mellow lamps light the shimmering streets. Concert halls blaze, music trickling from open windows, chandeliers refracting light into the air. Fountains gush water the color of rosette. Glowing ashes rain from the sky, embers that melt into shadows then return to the void surrounding the city. The city radiates brilliance, and the darkness pushes and pulses, trying to suppress it. Neither strive for balance, but in the end that's what they achieve. Light and dark, at a standstill. People walk and talk, clothed in gossamer fibers and bright jewelry, smiling. They are the brightness, they are the fire, the balance, the peacekeepers. They are the flame that burns this world steadily, they are the light.


Message to Readers

What kind of feel did you get from this city? Is it a unique enough idea?

Peer Review

The description about the glowing ashes raining from the sky most caught my attention. The description was vivid and full of warm imagery that enhanced the theme of light that the piece had throughout.

I'd say the feeling of this city is a feeling of safety. The city seems fragile and thin ("Glass bridges drape from building to building, trembling in the slightest breeze", and "Clothed in gossamer fibers") but in the void of darkness that surrounds it, it still shines bright. Darkness does not seem to be an ominous threat for this city, as it feels secure in its own light.

I would like to know where all the light comes from. Besides the mellow lamps, no other sources of light were mentioned. Does the light come from the sun that we know? Does the city have some magical way of generating light?These are questions that stuck with me throughout the piece.

Reviewer Comments

This piece was truly magical. Warm, vivid, and descriptive imagery immersed me in your City of Lights, making me feel safe and hopeful. Going forward, I would like to know where the lights in the City of Lights come from, but besides that I have nothing else to say. Great Job!