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I want to talk to people about books and long walks in the woods, preferably somewhere warm, overlooking a lake. My favorite is genre is sapphic horror and my favorite celestial body is the moon.

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What kind of feel did you get from this city? Is it a unique enough idea?


July 2, 2015

Lux-City of Lights

    It is the candle sparking to life, bursting forth into darkness. It is the pinprick of light at the end of the tunnel, glowing, flickering. It is woven from the blackness itself, fabricated from the particles of brightness in the haze of dark. It stands, suspended in shadow, tiny, yet not cowed by the infinity of pitch and black encircling it.

    The steeples and towering spires rise and waver like flame. Glass bridges drape from building to building, trembling in the slightest breeze. Mellow lamps light the shimmering streets. Concert halls blaze, music trickling from open windows, chandeliers refracting light into the air. Fountains gush water the color of rosette. Glowing ashes rain from the sky, embers that melt into shadows then return to the void surrounding the city. The city radiates brilliance, and the darkness pushes and pulses, trying to suppress it. Neither strive for balance, but in the end that's what they achieve. Light and dark, at a standstill. People walk and talk, clothed in gossamer fibers and bright jewelry, smiling. They are the brightness, they are the fire, the balance, the peacekeepers. They are the flame that burns this world steadily, they are the light.



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