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Gender Equality

March 12, 2017

     Gender equality is what matters the most to me. This isn't fair women are lust like men and we are treated unlike them. O the US soccer teams the men get paid more for losing than the women get for winning. Also if the women lose they get paid nothing isn't that horrible.In some countries girls even have to fight to go to school, and they're only used to cook and clean houses. Women also had to cover up their faces in their country. We are not the lesser gender, and we deserve to be treated just like men. If you think that women are the lesser gender go take your windshield wipers off your car because a women named Mary Anderson. Women have also invented things like computer software, the dishwasher, and more. As you can see, gender equality is what matters the most to me.
    Gender equality is what matters the most to me for many reasons. I think how women are treated is absolutely unfair. The saying life isn't fair does not matter when it comes to women being treated terribly. Some days people can say hurtful things, and some of these things can make women feel like all their good for is being pretty. A couple days ago it was National Women's Day and I felt that way. My acquaintance was looking at a poster of a women  and he told his friends that her privates were too small. I couldn't believe what I had heard, and I started feeling super dizzy and sick to my stomach. Then, another day one of my acquaintances was on a website and an ad popped up that was a women in bathing suit. It really upset me and I asked my acquaintance to get rid of it. He said no, I was really upset. Thankfully later he did turn off the ad. As you can see,  there are many reasons why gender equality is what matters to me the most.  

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