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Tara Lira

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The Sophia Three

July 1, 2015

PROMPT: YOU in threes


Three Things That Very Few People Know About Me:

1. Eating candycorn and jellybeans makes me barf.

2. I have a memory of when I was two months old: that I wake up in my crib and see all my stuffed giraffes in the corner, far away from me. I crawl/scoot towards them, and finally, reach them.

3. I am basically the best cook/baker in my entire family. Yes, including aunts, uncles, and so on.


Three Adjectives My Peers Would Use To Describe Me:

1. Passionate

2. Loyal

3. Smart


Three Questions I have:

1. How can you hear a voice in your head when you think, without talking or sending any sound waves?

2. How can the universe keep expanding into infinity, when infinity is infinite and it is not the end of time?

3. Why do people believe in dumb steriotypes like "All blondes are dumb" or "Geeks are unpopular"?


Three Of My Pet Peeves:

1. People who swear a lot.

2. People who follow steriotypes and think I'm a "dumb blonde".

3. Being not quite as good at something as someone else.


Three Things That Comfort Me:

1. Getting a hug from a loved one when I'm down.

2. Telling myself/having someone tell me I'm a good person.

3. Reading a good book.

Please don't critisize

I am pouring my heart into this writing.


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