I'm a writer. Reader. Piano player. Survivor watcher. Food lover. Hair braider. Hat wearer. Over analyser. Hufflepuff-er. Also a glow-worm in my free time.

Message to Readers

This is round two of a poem I wrote back in 2017. I honestly think that poem is better than this one whoops


July 13, 2020

PROMPT: Beyond Reason

Can the pearl headlands,
with their striped cliff-side rock,
understand that their life is one that will end?
Have moths ever burned like Icarus,
encased in what they love, 
when they brushed against the sun?
Will a caterpillar gasping
its last bejewelled breaths
ever know if it'll fly? 
If two beings collided a split
second earlier, would the world
be the same? 



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