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Opinionated Opinions

By: Deleted User

PROMPT: Your View

Opinion number one is one regarding good and bad. The world is not all split into those who walk in darkness and those who walk with angels. While some people fit into these categories, most of us stand somewhere in the middle, each holding a certain potential. We make our choices and we decide where we walk but we are not divided into good and evil.

Opinion number two deals with labels. Are we products on supermarket shelves? No. We do not need labels to define ourselves. We do not need to be judged by these labels. Whether we be gay, trans, straight, ADHD or have anxiety issues, we do not need to be defined by these. What defines us is what we value. What our morals consist of and how we treat the world around us.

Opinion number three is that we must learn to recognize and accept when we are wrong rather than refusing to believe that someone else could possibly be correct. To quote Sophocles, "It is not weakness for the wisest man to learn when he is wrong."

Opinion number four is that each day is special and we ought to treat it like out last and squeeze the most out of life as humanly possible. Because life is short and if we waste out days wishing something was different, we will die as bitter people.

Opinion number five is that Hugh Jackman is a legend.

Opinion number six is that money is nothing compared to happiness. While money can buy nice things, it is nothing to when you have that bubble of joy in your stomach that rises to your heart and makes you smile broadly each day, brighter than the last.

Opinion number seven is that friendships are one of the most important things in our lives. I value close friends very, very highly and would be half the person I am today without them. They never cease to make me smile and I would do anything for them. Friends make you feel loved and wanted and they will hold your closest secrets forever. You can tell them anything and they refuse to judge you, even if you ask them to. Friends are precious; never, ever let them go.

Opinion number eight regards drugs. Don't do it.

Opinion number nine is that if you get 'your' and 'you're' mixed up, you are committing the eighth, unwritten but equally punishable sin.

Opinion number ten. Goodbyes are the hardest things you will do in life.

Peer Review

Most of your opinions make me want to read more especial your second opinion, about social labels. I feel like you have some very interesting views on this topic.

I think it is that I also feel very strongly about the topic and I would like to here more of what you have to say. It is a very important topic that needs to be talked about more often.

Reviewer Comments

Well done on this piece, you can tell that these opinions have a back story behind them which is even more intriguing. Just on a side not, I think that a few of your answers need to be explained more, especially opinion five and eight. I know Hugh Jackman's a legend but why? The same goes for the topic of drugs. Overall you have done an awesome job!