Katie R. Goates

United States

aspiring minimalist
future doctor

Message to Readers

Here's a prologue that inspired me to start writing a book. Please tell me what you think.


July 1, 2015



A tan-skinned girl ran her hand over her curly, light brown hair. She tip-toed quietly down the sandy beach with a smile on her lips. She looked along the beach for a smooth place to lay out her blanket. She carefully stepped around coarse patches of grass, carefull to make sure they didn’t jab her bare feet. The girl laid back and closed her eyes, listening contently to the sound of water lapping against the shore and crickets chirping.

A shadow over the moon made her open them again. High up in the sky an owl hooted. She smiled up at the night sky and the quivering stars. She smelled rain in the air and felt the rough sand under her back and the breeze caressing her face.

She didn’t know how long she slept before she woke to the sound of a blood chilling howling in the distance.  She sat up. The sky was void of the moon or stars and she couldn’t see anything but intense blackness. She could hear faint thunder. Another howl came, closer this time.

The wind picked up making her eyes sting.and the temperature dropped,  Fat rain drops felt like needles on her soft skin and she could feel cold fear slowly start to grip her heart. Howling came from right inside the jungle and lightning flashed in the sky as bulky, dark figures surrounded her.

She stood and tried to run from them. She only went three feet before she felt a pull on her ankles. She cried out in pain as the metal around her ankles cut into her skin and she fell to the ground. She frantically reached toward her feet and felt frozen, heavy shackles around her ankles covered in her own blood.

As the temperature continued to drop, the raindrops turned ice and felt like daggers tearing her skin. The sea roze soaking her to the bone with freezing water. A giant figure roze out of the sea and snached her off the ground. Her ankles seared. Her screams were drowned out by the thunder. The giant hand squeezed her rib cage, emptying out her lungs. They plunged under water. She held her breath until she could no longer and they were deep under water and she slipped into unconsciousness.

This is the prologue to a book I started writing.

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