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Forbidden Words

March 6, 2017

PROMPT: Open Prompt

  Forbidden in our day and age. In a desperate attempt to stop the pain and suffering that the harsh words of the time caused, the government decided that at birth, every child's voice box would be removed in order to keep peace among the citizens. They also created a law, just in case they missed a child, that if anyone was found speaking, their punishment would be being locked up for life. It has been that way for the past century, and it was going extremely well.
  Until they forgot a child.
  My name is Xavier Conwell, and I retain the ability to speak.

  I have had to hide my ability my entire life, my mother never letting me out of the house while I was young and could not control my voice. As I got older, I learned to keep quiet, and now I am 15 years old, and everyone believes I am mute just like them. Everyday I would sit in class, my throat tickling with the urge to speak, but I had to remain quiet, writing down what I wanted to say on our wordatrons, where they would take what we write and pick it apart, only voicing out in a monotonous tone what they deemed safe to say.
  Until one day, a new kid showed up in my class. His name was Reed Lorie, with bright blond hair and piercing hazel eyes, and he was definitely a point of interest, especially among the girls in class. He sat next to me, and nodded in my direction, a way of saying hello since we couldn't speak. I nodded back, giving him a sideways glance as I turned to the board, watching as the teacher worked through an algebraic problem wrong, and once again, I wanted to point out that she was wrong, but that was considered "unfriendly" so my wordatron wouldn't say it.
  Unfortunately, someone else pointed it talking.
  Everyone looked at him, shocked, and when he realized what he did, a look of fear spread across his face. The teacher was red in the face, from fear or anger I wasn't sure, and she began to type out a message towards the authorities. The kids began to create a circle around Reed, not allowing him the chance to escape, when I knew I had to help Reed, even though I barely knew him.
  My voice came out hoarse and raspy, as I had not used it in the past ten years, but everyone stared at me, shocked, and the teacher looked incredulous as I took the opportunity to grab Reed's arm and drag him it of the classroom. As we ran, he yelled,"Where are we going?"
  Not quite sure what the plan was now, I simply shrugged and said,"Finding a safe place maybe?"
  By now we were running through the streets, heading to my home to use as a temporary safe house until we came up with a plan for action.
  We had stopped in front of my door when Reed asked,"Why is having a voice even a crime anyway?"
  I looked over and saw he was red in the face, anger about the poorly excused law coursing through him.
  A thought came to me, and I gave a small smirk, replying,"Why don't we take this opportunity to find  out?" Reed gave a small smile as my mother opened the door and ushered us in, probably already knowing what happened.
  We were fugitives now.
  Fugitives that were about to unravel one of the government's biggest mysteries.

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  • Mader

    Didn't take me too long since I already had the idea when I signed up

    over 2 years ago
  • Alexis Kuhns

    THis is awesome how long did it take you to write this???

    over 2 years ago