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"Step into a scene and let it drip from your fingertips." MJ Bush
Be the person you can only be. Write what only you can write. Never look back. You have something that you and only you can put into the world. So don't hold it back. Let it shine!

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In Threes Is Me

July 1, 2015

PROMPT: YOU in threes


Three adjectives I would use to describe myself:

1. Shy

2. Crazy(a good crazy, though)

3. Random


Three questions that I have:

1. Why are things the way they are?

2. What am I supposed to write?

3. Why can't I be myself?


Three things very few people know about me:

1. I have a terrible memory

2. I L-O-V-E ice cream

3. I'm a talker. Get me to talk and I'll ramble on and on


Three pet peeves:

1. I get easily angered when poeple chew loud(even though I know I'm probably no the quiest chewer)

2. Metal forks scratching against, well, anything.

3. When everyone is talking at once


Three sources of comfort:

1. My journal

2. Reading a worth-while book

3. Writing...specifically about made-up worlds and characters


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