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What a Mess!

March 2, 2017


"Come on, we're gonna be late!" Dee urged from the doorway as she glimpsed at her watch, waiting for Mai to stuff her things in her bags.

"Alright, I'm done!"

They both exited the room, leaving quite a mess even after making up the bed and clearing up some of their books on the desk. The lights went out just as the door snaps shut, and thundering footsteps hurried down the stairs outside.

Mirror grimaced at the state of the room. "Ugh, what a mess!"

Desk #1 scoffed. "You're telling me. What do you think is on top of me?" It's pretty clear to see the books, magazines, pamphlets, colored papers, an empty drinking cup, deodorants, an air freshener, to bottles of talc powder, forgotten maths activities and even a hanger lying on top of Dee's desk.

"That's nothing compared to what's on me!" screeched Desk #2 under a weight of homework, fictional books, stationery and a Macbook Pro, though Mai is actually more organized.

"Nothing?! Seriously?!" Desk #1 yelled back.

"What do you think I'm enduring?" Desk #3 - covered in survey papers, forgotten newsletters, textbooks, exercise books, empty folders, forgotten notebooks, six compartments filled with notebooks and sketchbooks, unused things, teddy bears, board games, trophies, bags, souvenirs, piggy banks and even a printer - groaned in agony. "These two seriously need to keep their things in their own space."

"Most of that are Mai's things," Desk #1 retorted.

"Shut up!" Chair #1 yelled. "I don't care what mess you're in. Just suck it up, tables!"

Desk #1 narrows his eyes. "Did you just call us... tables?"

"Alright, alright. What's going on here?" The rarely used fan gazed down at them all.

"Obviously not you," Lamp #1 ridiculed, snickering.

Lamp #2 glared disapprovingly at him, "That's not nice."

Fan shrugged. "It's alright, no offense taken."

Chair #2 voiced out to the desks. "Hey, guys."

The desks turn to him. "What?"

"I think there's a bigger mess under all of you." Sure enough, there were strands of hair everywhere on the floor, bags scattered around, pillows, files, an unused hyroponics system, and a variety of other things, including a plastic bag of garbage.

Desk #1 facepalmed. "Well look at that."

Fan sighed in relief. "I am so glad I'm hung up here without the risk of being in any kind of mess."

"You're quite full of cobwebs," Lamp #1 jeered.

Air-conditioner wanted to respond, but Lamp #1 didn't want to hear it. "Save your breath, it's used too much already till you needed to be fixed so that you won't sound like an old motorboat engine."

"Just clean it up, guys," Mirror suggested, ignoring the ceiling furniture and Lamp #1's rude remarks

"Easy for you to say," Chair #1 rolled his eyes. "You're used without even having to move. We chairs have to hold those heavy butts so they won't fall of those lazy humans."

"Calm down, everyone," Bed #1 drawled sleepily. "Let's all get back to sleep until Mai and Dee come back from school."

The chairs and desks snorted, whilst Mirror and Bed #1 and #2 went back to their deep sleep.

"Aw, come on!" Chair #1 exclaimed. "Someone's gotta clean this up."

"Curtains?" Chair #2 addressed. "You're being so quiet. Do you have any suggestions?"

Curtains kept silent.

"Open up to us about your opinions!" Lamp #2 encouraged.

Lamp #1 rolled his eyes. "They're never open, you know." He cackled at his own joke that no one else thought funny.

Desk #2 was starting to get impatient. "Can someone please clear the room up?!"

The Closet's voice was heard, "As long as these clothes can hang around, I don't mind."

Desk #3 looked puzzled. "So who's doing it again?"

They all murmured and bickered for a few minutes. Fan wasn't too fond in the idea that he might have to loosen himself from the ceiling to clean up, so he refused to take on the job.

"Why don't you just clean yourselves up?" Fan groaned before dozing off with the beds and the mirror.

Then, a Biology book in one of the piles of books spoke up, "You know none of you furniture can move us, right?"


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