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A trip down memory lane - Part 1

June 29, 2015



Where’s Billet when you need him?

“Dinners ready!” 23 year old Kevin Star-Struck Kelso hollered up the stairs.

“Coming!” came 4 different replies, one from each of his younger siblings.

 Kevin smiled as he turned his attention back to the spaghetti bolanaise he was cooking. He stirred it a few times, then lifted some of it up with a spoon, sniffed it, then tasted it. “Taste alright.” He muttered to himself, at least it was better than the pizza he attempted to cook the last time Billet had been late home. That was a disaster, thank the lord they had a smoke alarm otherwise, knowing him, he’d have never known the thing was burning until the kitchen was up in flames. He ladled the spaghetti bolanaise into 6 plates, setting one aside for when Billet finally returned from his ballet recital, and carefully balanced the remaining five with a skill that any human waiter or waitress would be envious of.

It was at that moment that two of his younger sisters burst into the living room. Annie-Love and Mary-Heart were alright as far as sisters went, but they couldn’t seem to get the idea that they were 17 now, not 16. Well, Mary could, Annie was having trouble. How that girl coped on the rare times Mary left her side, Kevin had no idea. The girls settled into their chairs, talking about something, Kevin casually eavesdropped, but left the conversation when he discovered they were discussing which was better, the video version of lord of the flies or the book? The girls were polar opposite in their interest, Mary loved books and Annie preferred films. So when they were instructed by Scarface to actually research lord of the flies, it was no surprise Annie headed straight for the video rack and Mary to the library.

Just as he was in the delicate act of actually placing the plates on the table, his youngest sibling banged the door open. Gwenavillie Kelso [Gwen-a-vil-e], a force to be reckoned with if there ever was one. If one wasn’t already put off by the skulls on her black tee-shirt, her black jeans with the rip down one side, and her black boots, one only had to look at her face with its piercing, icy eyes to be running for the hills. Luckily though, Kevin knew how to handle her. “Look out! Hurricane Gwen, coming though!”

“Ha, ha. You’re so funny, I forgot to laugh.” Gwen snapped as she barged into Kevin on her way to her seat, unfortunately the act of barging meant the act of delicately balancing two plates of hot bolanaise had to be sacrificed and the food went all over the table.


“It’s your fault, don’t insult me and I won’t barge into you.” Gwen said simply.

Kevin glared at her, wondering if Billet would mind if he used his creeper powers to lift her to the ceiling. Unfortunately Kevin knew not only would he mind, he’d kill him for doing so. “Sit down. Now”

 Gwen did so, and then pulled one of the bowls towards her. “Is this it?”

 Kevin resisted the urge to hit her and said patiently, through gritted teeth. “It is now. Because half of it is on the table. Thanks to you.”

She said nothing but at least the 11 year old had the grace to look ashamed. Annie was smiling as she ate, pushing her waist length silver hair back of her face. Mary looked anxious; but was managing to stay calm. Just. Kevin decided he better sit down to ease her nerves a bit.

Just as he was doing so, Kevin’s only younger brother, Julyetterance [ju-ley-et-ter-rance], or Harvey as he was better known among the humans, stormed in. “Stupid thing!” he had a strange object in his hand.

“What’s that?” Kevin asked.

“A phone. Joanie wants me to learn to use one. She’s sick of me assuming they know where and what I mean. Honestly. Okay, telepathy doesn’t work with humans, but Richard knew what I was on about!”

In case you haven’t figured it out by now, this was not a normal family. They were Creepers, which are not aliens, but a separate race of humans first separated when about 10 and a half million years ago our ancestors decided to see if they could live underground. Deprived of light, and water, they evolved into creatures which have green skin and silver hair, by rule all the girl’s hair is waist-length and the boy’s shoulder-length. It is silver because there was no light for the hair to absorb. Their skin is green due to a mutation in the genes. They work the same as us though, they eat the same as us and they talk the same as us. In short they are like us in every way, but appearance. To many they are a myth, on the same wave-length as mermaids. For some like the previously mentioned Joanie and the other friends Harvey had accommodated over the years, they are an exciting secret that no one will ever believe them about. You can make your own decisions.

“Yes. But Harvey, this is the 21st century! The year 2011! Phones are dead popular now. They’re easy to use and great for communicating with others. So what’s the issue?” Mary finished, smiling at her brother.

“I can’t get the damn thing on!” on hearing this Annie snorted, accidently inhaling her spaghetti; as Mary slapped her twin on the back, she sighed. “Let me look at it.”

“What about me?” Annie asked after taking a gulp of water.

“No way! Need I remind you what happened the last time I let you near an electrical device?”

“It exploded.” Gwen said, smirking.

“It did not explode! It just…stopped working.”

“With a bang, and a puff of smoke, yes,”

“Maybe.” Mary butted in sensibly, turning the phone over in her hands. “Because, believe it or not, you’re supposed to butter toast after you put it in the toaster. Not before.”

After a bit more bickering Mary got the thing working, and handed it back to Harvey. It was at that point Gwen spoke up. “Kevin, can I have some more please?” she asked, sounding a bit like Oliver twist.

“No.” Kevin replied instantly.

Gwen’s eyes narrowed. “And, why not?” her tone was dangerously polite.

“Cause there’s none left.”

At that point she exploded. “What do you mean there’s none left?! Dear god, you stupid idiot! Didn’t you think ‘oh, there’re six of us eating? Maybe I should make more than half a bloody plateful!”

“I did. But thanks to you it’s all over the table” Kevin indicated the dried stains.

Gwen frowned again, her eyes scanning the kitchen; they came to rest on Billet’s reserved food. “What about that?”

Kevin followed her eyes, “Its Billets. Hands of.”

“Billet won’t be hungry. He never is. He won’t miss it anyway. Just say…say you didn’t think he’d want any.”

Kevin took a deep breath. Gwen wasn’t going to like this. But it had to be said. “Actually Gwen, yes he will be hungry, he’s always hungry after a recital, because like a tennis match, it takes a lot of energy. He will want some, and he will miss it. Plus, I don’t know how stupid you think our brother is, Gwen, but he can count. He’s going to notice theirs 6 plates. Which means one for each of us, and he will be hurt if he thinks I was so inconsiderate as to think he wouldn’t want any. So no, you can’t have any.”

Gwen paused, digesting the information. Everyone stared at her, you never knew with Gwen, she was like a time-bomb, waiting to go off, sometimes you’d manage to diffuse her, but she’d always explode sooner or later.

And it turned out to be sooner. She threw her plate across the room and screamed a high-pitched frustrated wail that sounded like a banshee. She ran out the door, still screaming and then there was silence.

The rest of the kelso kids had various different reactions, Annie had stopped staring and was in the process of comforting a sobbing Mary, who had broken down the minute the door banged shut. Harvey, who had leapt out of Gwen’s way, was white and shaking. He looked at Kevin who outwardly looked cool, calm and collected, but the trained eye of his sibling could see the panic and worry in his eyes.

The 15 year old was the first to speak. “It’s alright.” He said shakily. “It’s alright. She’s been bubbling for a few days. At least she’s got it of her chest. She’ll be alright for another couple of months now.

Kevin nodded, he knew Harvey was right. Gwen had Behaveral problems; she’d be calm one minute and the next she’d be biting your head off. But in between was the worst period, because you never knew when the dam would break. But now that she’d had her little fit, she’d be calm for at least a month, then it would be a waiting game for at least another 3 months. Then another explosion, they generally happened 3 times a year.

2 down one to go. Kevin thought as he stared at the door. 1 more to go. Where’s Billet when you need him? He’d never wanted his older brother’s advice so much in his life.

This is the first of my 'The Kelso's' series. Part two should be coming soon. Thanks for reading, Roxy. 


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