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Warning! Gentlemanly, charming, charismatic, and overly flirtatious.
A hopeless romantic. ;)

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I'm an old soul trapped in a teenage body.
The Gentleman in disguise.
The boy in a tuxedo.

Why hello! It is an honour to be your humble acquaintance m'ladies and gentlemen! The name's Rain.
I love writing more than writing itself can put into mere words and it is rather fantastic that I have stumbled upon a community that feels the same.

We all live beneath the same sky but we all see different horizons, different sunsets. And when I write, I give a glimpse at what sort of sunsets I see, and what horizons I chase after...

"Some infinities are bigger than other infinities." -A.W
"Lovely is a lovely word that should be used more often." T.F
"Be a little kinder than you have to." -E.L

I wish you all the most lovely day.

if i'm the moon then you're the sun

August 4, 2022

if i'm the moon then you're the sun

I'm always reflecting your brazen light
Even though you're almost never in my sight
A light, a right, in a world so wrong

"Opposites attract," they say
So why can't we behave 
Like that?

I orbit around, the world always hiding you from me
We're in the same solar system but have different orbits
I chase the sunsets but you always set too quickly
Gone, too fast

And then I'm up in the night
Reflecting your light which I cannot see
I don't want this
In the sky all alone

The humans below
They think I'm so happy
Graced and adorned with stars

They always forget
Even the stars lie above the moon
So I wish upon a star, upon all of them 

The light that I cannot see 
Can become the light

I can see


It was not meant to be
You're too hot
Too bright
Too far

The wrong orbits at the wrong time
The stars just won't align...


And so

The moon






the moon became

the moon


if i'm the moon then you're the sun

"The stars whirl further away from me
A wish gone
And another

Until space is dark

This is ending number 2 if anyone's interest is piqued. ;)


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  • aaliyahh

    okay first of all this is so beautifully written, I love the rhyming in some areas and it's so emotional in a way, super impactful piece of work!
    re: thank you so much, it is very hard to explain and I had a little bit of an attack so I figured why not right about it :)

    about 10 hours ago
  • Extrasweet

    Ah, beautiful. Wonderful job, Rain. Oooo, you're almost to 100 followers! Just 15 more to go! Great work! Wait, wait...WHY WASN'T I FOLLOWING YOU ALREADY?? Ok, there we go.
    Haha, I apologize for both not following you until now AND all the caps :D Now you only need 14 more followers to reach the wonderful number of 100! Keep up the terrific work! This is an amazing poem! ;)

    about 21 hours ago
  • Inkstained Fingers

    Re: Interesting, I should look it up

    about 23 hours ago
  • Inkstained Fingers

    Re: Wow, where is that quote from? I love it!

    2 days ago
  • Tachi

    This poem seems like a mix of hopeful and hopeless.

    I love it.


    2 days ago
  • Inkstained Fingers

    Re: Thank you!! It's fun to know you also love the night sky

    2 days ago
  • mira?!?!

    re: hii, we both friend requested you jshhsjhjs

    2 days ago
  • issa :p

    re: thank you!!! also this is so beautiful and you’re an absolute amazing freaking writer and i aaaa because you’re just so good you know?

    2 days ago
  • mira?!?!

    re: thanks, i’ll tell her!

    2 days ago
  • Isha kinda writes

    Thanks for the comments on my poem rain!
    This is really beautiful too!
    And it’s so nice to meet a fellow enfj.

    3 days ago
  • ~rain~

    re: aw thank you tuxedo boy, you're too kind :)

    also guirnwsnfori your footnotes are just *chefs kiss* just as beautiful as the rest of this piece. i love it.

    3 days ago
  • Inkstained Fingers

    Re: Ahh, thank you! Nice to know someone appreciates my oftentimes crazy ideas! Also, this piece is lovely! You may know I have a total obsession with the night sky, from a poetic/writing perspective as well as a scientific perspective, so this really appeals to me.

    3 days ago
  • mira?!?!

    yooo tuxedo boy, this is good stuff!! warning, your hopeless romantic is showing HJGSHFGSG. no but really, the amount of emotion this piece evokes is crazy. i love your writing style - it's so refreshing and unique!

    i was actually on wtw with my friend a while back and she really liked your writing. she's a fellow hopeless romantic as well and was wondering if she could contact you someway? bahah just lmk bc she wants to rant to someone and thinks you're the perfect candidate lololol

    3 days ago
  • Snowga

    Oh god! Such a gentle poem with deep meaning! Got no words to describe it in an even better way...

    3 days ago
  • Zephyr

    Awww this is so sweet and sad. It really evokes a lot of emotions and I love the style of writing you've used. Simply mesmerizing..
    re: Thank you for your comment!

    3 days ago
  • Jesica

    Oooh, I really like this one. Do you get these ideas when you’re around this Raivenne you speak of? She sounds delicate and beautiful by the way you write, she seems to spark ideas.. or is it just me?
    Maybe I’m just rambling XD

    3 days ago
  • Anne Blackwood

    Re: Thanks! Great ideas!

    3 days ago