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Trapped...? | A-Review-For-A-Review

August 3, 2022

    When you're trapped, aren't you supposed to feel alone?
    I felt the desolation.
    Aren't you supposed to feel fear?
    The steel walls sent shivers down my spine.
    Or fury?
    Flashbacks blurred my vision.
    Or sorrow?
    Memories of the past.
    Shouldn't you try to escape?
    My fist rested on the ground.
    Or scream?
    The only sound was my heartbeat.
    Shouldn't the darkness terrify you?
    Light seemed like a distant fairy tale.
    Aren't you supposed to feel... trapped?
    I reached above me, where the low ceiling hung.
    Then why does it feel so...
    In the darkness, I smiled.
97 words.

The title's not the best... Any ideas?

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  • magpies in may

    Title Suggestion: you mention a fairy tale somewhere in here, but have you realized that (excluding the first ‘f’ and ‘a’) scrambled “fairy tale” and you get “reality”? It’s probably a little off…but I thought it was worth mentioning :)

    Also, congratulations on the peer review pick!

    3 days ago
  • Blank Notebook

    Hey, congratulations on the peer review pick! It was so comprehensive and thoughtful- it got me thinking: writing is, in so many ways, a collaboration between a writer and their readers. A story only has power if it is read and it connects with other people, and reading requires an active engagement that is often very different from glancing at a mural or listening to a piece of music. I think that's what makes a good story so powerful and personal, and what makes reviews so important- that process is a collaboration and exchange of ideas. I'm rambling, but I just wanted to say awesome job. :)

    3 days ago
  • #LemonFanatic!

    great job love this!!

    4 days ago